10 Most asked FAQs
  1. Why wasn’t my cart emptied?
    • Carts are not emptied for reasons such as, but not limited to, suspended accounts, overloaded carts, objects are too close to carts, material is contaminated. Please call our office (925-682-9113) for specific details pertaining to your service or email us at customersupport@mdrr.com
  2. How do I get extra trash picked up?
    • We can schedule an on call clean up to pick up extra bags.
  3. Is there a fee to exchange my damaged cart?
    • We will exchange carts that are damaged or broken from normal wear and tear at no charge.  For carts that are burnt, there is a $75 per cart fee to replace the damaged carts.
  4. Do you charge for bulk items?
    • Bulky items such as furniture, e-waste, and appliances can be picked up curbside from your residence. If you would like to schedule a bulk pick up, please contact our office for a quote on the items and further information.
  5. How many clean ups do I get per year?
    • The fastest way to find out how many clean ups you have per calendar year is to visit your city on our website or call or email our office at customersupport@mdrr.com
  6. When are my scheduled recycle and green waste service days?
  7. Can I pay a bill in advance?
    • You can pay for your service in advance. This can be done over the phone with a representative. Please call our office to make a payment at no charge or hit on “Pay your bill” and follow the instructions.
  8. What do I do if a container is missed?
  9. Is there a charge to set up reoccurring payments?
    • There is no charge for automatic payments. We can set up payments with a Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express Card. The payment is taken out on the day your statement comes out. If you have a question when that is, please contact our office at 925-682-9113.
  10. Pressure treated wood is accepted at Hay Road Landfill in Vacaville or Vasco Road Landfill in Livermore.
  11. Do I have the same pick up day during holidays?
    • The only holidays that affect your service day is Christmas day and New Year’s Day. Please see your statement for more information. Please see our holiday schedule for more information.

Important Information:
We cannot accept Hazardous Waste. Hazardous waste is paint, chemicals and more. If you live in Concord, please contact: Central Sanitation District for drop off hours at www.centralsan.org
If you live in Pittsburg, Oakley, Discovery Bay, Bethel Island, Knightsen, Bay Point, or Brentwood, please contact Delta Diablo Sanitary District for drop off hours: at www.deltadiablo.org